Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 16, 2022

A week of blunder in Lockdownunder.

Anyone for tennis?

Instant recap on the situation, provided by a (supposedly) parody account:

Latest news at 5pm Perth time Sunday 16 Jan is that Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s decision to send Novak packing will stand. This after the parties spent most of today in court, following Hawke’s announcement. Of which, I’ll say this: nothing indicates guilty cowardice more than a politician releasing a press statement after 5pm on a Friday afternoon.

So Mr D is on his way out, and the Canberra Clown Circus can sit back and tell themselves it was a job well done. Emily at Voice For Victoria:

Just to be unequivocally clear: it’s confirmed that Novak didn’t break any rules & there were no determined issue with his paperwork or exemption, which was valid. Hawke states this clearly in the court docs. He was deported for the govt not liking his public opinions. That’s it.

Political idocy was on display here too in The Western Lands, when High Pontiff Masky Mark McClown released this important message to keep Aboriginal people safe.

Spectacularly tone deaf. Clear warning here about the risks of getting advice from your media managers while they’re still carrying New Year’s hangovers.

View it on youtube to enjoy the comments. The mockery has been intense, which probably accounts in part for the new mask up regulations as of today. Five new cases of Omicron in the community! My God, Perth will be a ghost town by the end of summer. The government apparently believes that West Australians rely solely on their MSM flunkeys for our news, and that we have no idea what a damp squib Omicron has been in South Africa and elsewhere.

Best sign of the day at yesterday’s freedom rally in Perth.

Over in Queensland, on a positive note, it appears that a walkback may have begun.

I don’t imagine it will be as smooth a return as the administrators would hope.

Yeah, okay, I’ll come back… but there are conditions.
More money?
No, I want to punch the Chief Health Officer in the face when I start work each day.
Fine. Be here at six am to start work at nine.
Arrive at six to start at nine?
That line to the Chief Health Officer’s face is really fucking long…

That’s enough about them. Time for a few words about me.

As indicated in my resignation post, I had a face to face with the HR lady this week. The polite acceptance of my letter continued in person – HR lady said there was nothing in it that she hadn’t heard from her husband. She’s vaxxed, he’s not. Imagine the dinnertime conversations in that household.

Curiously, although they know now that I haven’t had any of the clot shots, the firm opted to keep me through to the end of my notice period. I had expected (okay, I hoped) that they would pay me out and get me off the premises ASAP. I said, I’m unvaccinated now, and I’ll be unvaccinated after February 5, when you’d expect me to work under restrictions. I don’t understand.

Response: oh, but there’s work to be done!

Whatever. It’s not like I’m worried about catching anything from them. Gone is gone! And in three weeks, I’m gone. After that, as the saying goes, they should live and be well.

As they line up for their third vaccination.

And their fourth.

And their twenty-ninth… assuming they get that far.


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