Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 6, 2022

And today it was my turn.

I did something very Number 6 today.

I resigned.

It wasn’t as dramatic as this…

No throwing the doors wide, no pounding the desk… hell, I didn’t even get to throw the envelope down. The entire HR department was either on leave or working from home. I had to scan my resignation and send it by email. Kinda sucked the drama out of the moment.

Now, go on and say it. Say it! You know you want to.

Simple, really. My employer announced new rules for the workplace and I didn’t like the changes. Double vax by February, or submit to masks and testing.

I knew I was going against the standard advice. Don’t quit, stand your ground, make them jump through every possible hoop. I chose to take the directive at face value. Option A or Option B? I’ll take Option E, for Exit.

In her response the HR lady said she appreciated my feedback on COVID-19 vaccinations, and the way in which I respectfully communicated that feedback. I’ve written far meaner resignations – compared to this, today’s effort was mild – but I wouldn’t have said I was respectful. I took the opportunity to throw in some obvious snark: only a few days after the company’s message, the state government announced that two shots plus a booster would now be the minimum acceptable for workers in the targeted industries. I anticipated that the firm (which is NOT in one of the targeted industries, FFS) would lift its own requirements to match. Leading to the punchline –  my increasingly popular It’s no longer about being vaccinated or unvaccinated. Either you’re unvaccinated, or you’re not vaccinated enough.

HR respectfully declined to comment.

They return to the office on Monday, and there will be face to face discussion at that time. I’m looking forward to it.

And where from here for 6? God and his boss Masky Mark permitting, I’ll be a hermit for a while. I’ll look into work from home options so I can avoid this crap altogether. But the last six months have been remarkable in this time of covid madness. The next six months will be more of the same with the volume turned up twice as loud. Anything could happen.

Whatever’s coming, I’m comfortable with the decision I made.

Be seeing you.




  1. Brave choice Greg. Some would have toed the line to keep the dosh rolling in. Hope you can find something equivalent/ better or maybe something new and fascinating. Good luck matey!

    • Thanks, Kev. To be honest, my work history includes many spells of not working – this time however I’m financially well prepared.
      And perverse as it sounds I get a special kick out of composing resignation letters. They’re one of my favourite literary forms. Check out the ‘this’ link in the text above.

  2. Sorry to see its come to that, Greg. Hope you find a tolerable niche somewhere in the world of work. Makes me appreciate my good fortune in being retired (natural retirement due to being an old bugger) a decade ago and avoiding all the sordid dramas of No-Jab-No-Job.

    When it comes to a work bust-up over Covid tyranny, always remember – it’s not me, it’s them!

    Best wishes,

    • Thanks, Phil. I’ve been in similar situations before, and something has always turned up for me. Getting older (61 as of last Tuesday) hasn’t been an issue till now. I’m cautiously optimistic.
      And you’re right. It IS them!

  3. Gregory, you’re too intelligent to be out of a job for long, even in an increasingly dystopian environment. Just don’t do anything rash; I mean, you’re not planning on wrestling crocodiles or boxing kangaroos or anything like that, are you? I’m sure the pay’s good, but not sure either of those would make for a long-term career. I like to think you’ll take up prospecting for gold.

    Seriously, though, the very best of luck to you and I hope you find something worthy of your talents soon; preferably something, as Dr. Johnson said, that is not just a job, but that represents “wealth beyond the dreams of avarice”.

    • Thank you for the warm wishes, Paco. I’m pretty sure that I won’t have to resort to croc wrestling… pretty sure…

  4. Admire your bravery, courage and stance! I echo the comment of another – It IS them! Cheers and the very best to you!

    • Coming from a resident New York, these words are heartening indeed! Thanks, Decker.

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