Posted by: Gregoryno6 | December 13, 2021

Someone’s going to need an extra chocolate biscuit tonight.

Masky Mark released his plan for reopening Western Australia today, and frankly, a lot of us just aren’t that impressed.

The hashtag is real, folks, although it predates today’s announcement. Some people had ALREADY decided the High Pontiff of The Western Lands was a bloviating showpony and a buffoon. Shocking, I know!

No comforting treats for the constabulary, though.

Five men who were arrested and brutally bashed by Strike Force Raptor officers in a violent confrontation at a petrol station in Sydney’s west will likely sue after NSW Police dropped all charges against them…

The men said they were in the petrol station purchasing face masks.

CCTV from the petrol station shows that was true.

Police allege they were hit with a flurry of punches to the head and torso, as well as being struck with arms, elbows and knees. Again, with all the cameras and footage this seems to be a lie.

CCTV and phone video contradict those claims by police.


  1. I’ve never bothered with flu vax what to speak of…Anyway from midnite tonite in NSW restrictions end, except masks for pub t’port and a few things like that. I just wish the rest of Australia could move together on this, but we’ll see. As we’re kind of following the UK, the current confusion there is bewildering. I read Guido ‘Order Order’ sometimes, mostly for the witty comments, and I get a sense of the mood there from that, among the wits anyway. Just as I get a sense of the US mood from Ace’s comment threads.

    • A thousand thanks unto you, Bruce, for directing my attention to Guido Fakwkes. Just a quick scroll through recent posts, but there’s plenty to look in on there.

  2. Let us give thanks to Tim of the Blair upon whose ‘blogroll I must have first found Guido, back in days of yore.

    • That far back? Wow. I looked at David Thompson and Chase Me Ladies, but that was probably about it.

  3. Seriously, since the Tim Blair days a younger set has emerged who have almost no idea of our distinct British roots. Lumping British and American history all in together just confuses things.

    Generational conflict is one result, which makes no sense outside the narrow American media sphere. For example, China is very much a baby-boomer nation, dominated by the postwar generation. One child policy has a lot to do with that, making China perhaps the epitome of the post WW2 baby-boomer effect.

  4. Asian history is my specialty and things make more sense to me seen from that perspective.

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