Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 28, 2021

Just when you think it’s getting less fucked up in Lockdownunder…

Matt Wong and Victorian MP Richard Riordan provide the details.

Just a reminder that this is not Australia wide, just one state of the Commonwealth. But as a commenter on this video so succinctly puts it:

This is what hell and insanity looks like, when combined.

And it’s a little too close for comfort.


  1. comment

  2. Power is heroin for politicians.

  3. If this is accurate I’m impressed:

    Not just the protest, but the Vic Lib opposition drawing a line in the sand, promising to repeal the legislation. Support for that from the Vic legal fraternity is also impressive. Conservative middle class Melbourne may finally have woken up.

    Some will point out that the NSW Libs passed similar laws a year or so ago. A strong stand for freedom from Vic Libs could shame our NSW bunch into action, but they’re pretty hopeless, as are the NSW legal bunch, who spend most of their time defending gangsters.

    • I’m impressed by the numbers, but I’m more impressed by the reporting. Unless the ‘thousands’ should be interpreted to mean ‘tens of thousands’.
      I notice that one of the comments below the article says that ‘the leading Melbourne newspaper’ didn’t say a word about the protests. Not sure whether they’re referring to the HS or the Age.

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