Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 20, 2021

The three levels of covid resistance: subtle, direct, and Australian.


John Scott Lewinski at RT.

Covid-19 restrictions, once an indicator of how easily society is frightened into line, now offer opportunities to prove rebellion isn’t dead yet. As I’ve seen in recent weeks, there’s a quiet revolution going on across the world…

Truth be told, there’s nothing as sweet as the discomfort and frustration of an unworthy overlord. Just never underestimate the value of extending that middle finger to anyone who insists unquestioned obedience is in your best interest.


This is Nichole Belland, pharmacy manager for Safeway store at 1892 of Cortez. I quit effective immediately because I will not give this poison to people. Wake up, everybody. This is poison.


They don’t fuck around up in the Territory!

Police sent patrols to Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s house on Saturday night after anti-vaccination protesters shouted his home address at a Darwin rally.

But then, hitting the peak of fucking around, a master troll conned Melbourne police into chasing a protest that didn’t exist.


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