Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 17, 2021

Lockdownunder viewpoints: ex-cop, communications consultant, QANTAS pilots.

The People’s Project has provided better coverage of the situation in Victoria (and more broadly Australa) than media monsters both public and private, with their massive workforces and budgets. Krystle Mitchell spoke frankly to Matt Wong about why she joined Vicpol, and how much being a member of the police force meant to her. The interview was in effect a live to air resignation.

Rohan Wenn is behind the quietly satirical ads that have ( I would hope) got a few Victorians thinking about how far their unswerving devotion to Dan should go.

Here’s a sample of his work: Never Doubt Dan.

Rohan brought his experience in media as a reporter and political staffer to bear on the issues confronting Victoria.

People don’t realise how fragile democracy is. It’s not naturally occurring.

Graham Hood, former QANTAS pilot turned national hero, was interviewed by Monica Smit – who’s quite the hero herself, standing firm with her group Reignite Democracy Australia.

Other QANTAS staff are joining Graham in his stand.

Maybe QANTAS will learn something from the experience of Southwest Airlines. Here’s hoping.

PS: Separate post for the view from Western Australia here.

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