Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 16, 2021

That’s not a service – that’s an incursion.

Aussies will be able to pay for their groceries at Woolworths and Coles by scanning a QR code, with the new option rolling out into stores before Christmas.

Who asked for that? Not the average Australian shopper, I’m fairly certain.

Woolworths has form on this ‘no cash required’ strategy. Earlier this year they shut down a trial of cashless stores after customer pushback.

It’s helpful of them to self-identify as people who don’t want my business!

PS: Bonus points to News for irony. The video at the top of the story asks:

What smartphone is best for your privacy?

Thanks to AdvocateMe for the original link.


  1. What smart phone us best for privacy?
    That’s hilarious.
    I hate to think there are people out there who wonder about that question.
    But then, there are people who think gov’ts are playing kung flu theater for our benefit.

    • Like the meme says: a special kind of stupid.

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