Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 12, 2021

Today’s post has nothing to say about covid idiocy.

I’m deeply thankful that all I’ve got today is old-fashioned standard-grade idiocy. Such a welcome change!

I should warn you however, that I’m talking about Western Australian idiocy. Which seems to me to be rather more idiotic than idiocy found in the rest of the world. Excepting the immediate vicinity of Joe Biden.

The idiots in WA do seem to be a special breed. Remember the train jumper?

Today’s specimen also had a water fetish. The story’s behind a paywall, but the headline should suffice:

Albany man accused of catching great white shark, removing tag then setting off hoax shark alerts.

What the fuck gets into people’s heads???


  1. I like to think that their great grandfathers were scurrying up the mast to set sails on the old ships. Now they’ve inherited all that energy with no outlet.

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