Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 10, 2021

Sharing Cinema with Covid – Again: Another two movies from Revelation 2021.

The Last Horns Of Africa takes an unflinching look at the business of rhino horn poaching, and the efforts being made to end the trade.

The central character in the documentary is Petronel Nieuwoudt, who runs the Care For Rhinos Sanctuary in South Africa. Much of her work is establishing a maternal bond with young rhinos left orphans by poachers. Petronel wants the rhino to live free and intact, but The Last Horns Of Africa also gives time to an alternative view point. The case is made for ‘farming’ rhinos, dehorning them in safe conditions and thus destroying the black market.

The Last Horns Of Africa had strong connections to Perth even before its Australian premiere at Rev, with all post production handled by local facilities. Sean Tinnion, UK born but now based in Perth, composed the soundtrack.

And now for something completely different.

Imagine one of the classic science fiction movies of the 1970s being reinterpreted as a live play. By amateur actors. With a budget that is as tiny as space is immense.

That’s Alien On Stage.

I went into this one thinking It can’t work. It’s not possible. This is going to be a clusterfuck, an epic tale of blind ambition birthing catastrophe. I was wrong. Alien on Stage is a triumph! Dorset bus drivers take their play to the West End and it becomes a smash hit. Somehow, on a stage that’s barely large enough for the entire cast without props, let alone with them, they recreate all the classic moments of Ridley Scott’s interstellar horror flick. Even the chest bursting scene.

Don’t let this one get past you. Alien on Stage is a winner!

And so, onward to 2022. I don’t think it’s too soon for the first covid documentaries… that’s going to be fun.


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