Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 25, 2021

Anticipating the usual attempt at distraction…


  1. So far there are only about 55,000 fraudulent ballots, 4X Biden’s margin of frau….. I mean, margin of victory.
    But the night’s young.

  2. He sure doesn’t worry about the immigrants and illegals getting jabbed though! We’re going to have this pandemic forever!

    • As long as he can make it last…

      • I worry about him leaving though and giving us Harris to replace him. That woman is incapable of grasping the reality of her plots.

        • I can understand your despair. The threat of President Kamala is the only thing that makes Biden even halfway palatable.
          And Dr Jill should not be overlooked here. She’d plant the bomb under Kamala’s bed herself if it meant keeping the White House. It’s the sort of threesome that you want in horror movies, not real life politics.

          • Perfect analogy!

  3. Yeah, we’re in pretty bad shape here in the states. In the line of succession after Joe Dementia is his VP, Qué Mala Harris, and then Speaker of the House and Head of Satan’s HR Dept. Nancy Pelosi. I guess Harris and Pelosi represent Biden’s insurance policy.

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