Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 15, 2021

News shorts.

Fair go, officer, he was only reporting for work!

US Capitol Police have arrested a man armed with a bayonet and machete outside the Democratic National Committee HQ in Washington, DC. The Capitol cops say the man was “talking about white supremacist ideology.”

A shark that doesn’t inhabit Australian waters? Seems highly unlikely.

The shark also lives throughout the East Atlantic Ocean, from Norway to South Africa. Now I know they’re making it up. I don’t know how many surfers they have in Norway, but I’m damn sure it’s not enough to feed a population of sharks.

Locally, the wildflower season is just beginning. So have some soothing petal pics – all link back to their sources, if you want more.


  1. Notice the nazi guy was “on patrol,” near the Dem hq.
    He was probably protecting it against right wingers.

    Pig shark? More like derp shark
    They probably avoid Australia because otherwise the Aussie guppies would eat them.

    • Both excellent points.

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