Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 24, 2021

You want covid videos? I’ve got covid videos!

I was going to do a couple of posts but what the hell, I’ll let you just dive in on whatever takes your fancy.

Let’s start with a couple of funny ones. Gladys B, get ready for your close up!

What does Gladys say to Brad after the press conferences? PLEASE, NO!

Matt from The People’s Project issued this PSA – Public Scolding Announcement – on respecting playgrounds as forbidden zones.

Kids in 2020: chalk rainbows on footpaths.

Kids in 2021: staging protests in the local park.

Enough humour. This shit is serious. We’ve had enough, and we’re saying so with more than just protests.

On the national scene, there’s a storm brewing on the highways. Cue inevitable Mad Max references… but this time it’s the men and women in the big rigs taking charge.

The last few weeks have been a new and not particularly pleasant experience. When The Great South Land makes the international spotlight it’s usually because of bushfires, heaps of Olympic gold, or local lads and lasses succeeding in Hollywood. This is the first time that Australia has attracted such intensely critical attention.

Australia Has Fallen.
Australia is now a branch office of the CCP.
Australia is fucked.

All I can say is No, and I really believe that. But the politicians just keep doubling down, shifting the goalposts and adding ever more onerous restrictions.

Back a few decades a few of our more high minded intellectuals lamented the fact that Australia had achieved self-government by peaceful means. What we needed, according to these pointy-heads, was a baptism of blood. Fighting in the streets. Families torn apart. No quarter given and none asked.

Their vision may be in the process of being achieved.


  1. Interesting. It was the truckers in Chile that led big, and effective, protests against Allende’s Marxist regime back in the early 70s.

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