Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 22, 2021

A lot of words about Western Australia in response to a few words about Western Australia.

If The Daily Sceptic isn’t included among your browser bookmarks yet – correct that deficit immediately. Daily Sceptic is like an English Whatfinger dedicated solely to news about the Dreaded Covid.

You’ll be surprised how many of those stories include some aspect of governmental/bureaucratic incompetence or failure to anticipate consequences. Just joking – NONE of us will be surprised that our so-called leaders demonstrate again and again the reverse-Midas touch.

But I digress. Daily S recently featured a podcast between its editor Toby Young and the redoubtable James Delingpole, which dwelt for a few minutes on the situation here in Lockdownunder. Dan Andrews himself opens the episode! Consider yourself honoured, Dan!

At about 10:35 they mention Western Australia. Toby says we’re ‘cussed’ and the state most likely to secede. James says that he’s heard we’re a bunch of bedwetters. So here’s a quick history lesson on the Wait Awhile state.

Secession – When I arrived here thirty years ago I was told several times about WA’s referendum and unsuccessful attempt to secede from the Federation. Every telling was told with such vividness that I assumed it must have happened fairly recently. Maybe during the 1970s, when eastern Australia was still more likely to concern itself with London or New York than Perth.

In fact the referendum was held in – wait for it – 1933. Some people can carry a chip on their shoulder until it grows into a plank.

Talk about secession in WA is like talk about Australia becoming a republic. It comes around every five years or so and then fades out again. With a population of a few million spread across an area about the same size as western Europe, and with thousands of miles of coastline to defend, an independent Western Australia is a happy daydream that is simply unworkable in reality.

As for bedwetters – it’s not so much fear as parochial pride. Premier Mark McGowan aka Chairman Mark aka Mask McClown is seen as standing tough against the eastern states with his hard border control. He’s exploiting long standing resentment against ‘the wise men from the east’ aka ‘t’othersiders’. Until the discovery of iron ore WA relied heavily on support from the other states; currently we can give them the two fingered salute. Big bucks are rolling in as we sell our high-grade ore to China. This situation will of course be perpetual and unchanging until China’s mining developments in Africa begin to deliver, at which time there will be the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth at this unforeseen injustice.

The comments about WA being a ‘bastion of freedom’ had me shaking my head in disbelief. McGowan loves nothing more than the drama of calling a lockdown. Does the same for him as a week’s worth of Viagra if Twitter can be believed. During a post-lockdown week earlier this year, when masks were mandatory, buses were stopping just outside the CBD so that police could hop aboard and check that no rebel commuters had lowered their shield.

Unfortunately Masky Mark won the March election with a colossal majority and we seem to be stuck with him for the next four years. Covid or no covid.

Here endeth the lesson. Are there any questions?

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