Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 22, 2021

21 August Freedom Rallies in Lockdownunder.

As you are probably aware by now, we did our bit for freedom yesterday. All across Australia.

Most of the international attention has been on Melbourne and Sydney where the marchers clashed with police. Teargas and pepper spray were deployed by the cops – who NSW Police Minister referred to as ‘blue angels’. Yes, he really said that.

[Insert massive vomiting sound effect here]

Video of the Melbourne rally from Rebel News via Australian Conservative, who is doing a top job representing us at Gab.

The Perth rally was a much more low-key affair. Numbers were far lower than in the eastern states; one estimate put the gathering at 3-4,000, which seems about right to me. I do think however that attendance was larger than either the organisers or the police anticipated. Cop presence was light and I didn’t see any of the more aggressive tactics employed in the other cities.

The local news site put attendance ‘about 1000’. That reinforces my belief in the accuracy of the figure quoted earlier.

That report also mentions the head of the local RSL (Returned Services League). He wasn’t happy that the War Memorial in Kings Park was used as the starting point for the march. So far as I saw, protesters behaved respectfully; at any rate, the speeches were delivered at the end of the march outside a government offices building.

Video from 10 News Perth.

Here’s the crowd at the end of the march listening to speakers.

And I wasn’t the first or the last to ask this man for a photo.

We’ll see what happens at the next rally in September.



  1. The direction goes will hinge on the military and police. Should the military follow orders to seize and imprison protesters, it is over. The military, as small as it is, still has the equipment to smash any resistance. If the military says ‘F no!’ the government falls and the People get a chance to put small government advocates in place. Aren’t you glad you let yourselves be stampeded into giving up your guns?

    • And finally, the ‘you gave up your guns’ comment arrives at my doorstep. The story is not quite so simple.

      On the surface: a million guns were handed in.

      Going deeper: Even the anti gun cheer squad admit that that was only 25-30 percent of all the weapons. And many of the weapons handed in for cash were old and unusable. Some of that cash bought new weapons.

      Vetmike, I’m going to make an assumption here. I’m going to assume you’re American. So tell me, when does the Second Amendment kick in over there? How much more shit are YOU going to take from Foggy Joe and his cackling sidekick before the shooting starts?

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