Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 16, 2021

Dinosaurs, Dana, and Waingro.

Bronco Hammer, the most dangerous writer in the world, has a good nose for exceptional cinema. When he recommends a movie that I’ve never heard of before I’m naturally curious.

Jurassic City features dinosaurs running loose across Los Angeles and no, none of them even faintly resemble Nancy Pelosi. Except in their rapacious indifference to the sanctity of human life. But it was the cast that really got me interested. Dana Melanie! She’s hot. I saw her first in Hollywood at Rev a few years back. I fell a little bit in love with Dana, and when she murmured All you people can go fuck yourselves I fell in love a little more.

That includes you too, Greg.

Plus! Kevin Gage, aka Waingro! The rotten to the core fuckup thief from Heat! And Vernon Welles! Aka Wez! And Ray Wise, the mysterious stranger in the third season of Fargo, the twisted father of Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks, and a father of another rather unfortunate family in Dead End!

Exceptional casting makes for exceptional viewing. I set myself to tracking Jurassic City down, and boy! It’s really really sciencey! Dinosaurs, even little ones, are bulletproof! Who knew?

Great to see Vernon Wells playing the evil genius who wants to save the world from the threat he’s created himself. Any resemblance to current conditions is, obviously, coincidental.


  1. Looks like a pretty exciting flick. Thanks for the tip.

    Maybe they’ll come out with a sequel in which the dinosaurs eat the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (or at least General Milley).

    • I would pay real dollars to watch that!

  2. Let’s face it, anybody who submits a script that can mash a ‘women in prison’ and ‘dinosaur’ movie is going to see their movie made. #Art

    • Throw in a convict who sort of turns good before he becomes dinosaur lunch doesn’t hurt either. A touch of redemption sends the audience home feeling more, you know, spiritual.

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