Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 8, 2021

Covid update from Lockdownunder.

Contrary to reports from Paul Joseph Watson, Australia has not fallen. Admittedly, things could be a lot better. But we’re not falling meekly into line.

The federal government is saying We won’t enact laws to make the vax mandatory. They’re hoping employers can do the dirty work for them. Private companies have started announcing the no jab no job policy – first out of the blocks is fruit company SPC. Reignite Democracy Australia has a petition to SPC management that’s gathering signatures at a very healthy pace. This time yesterday it had 3,800 names, and was aiming at 5,000. Today it has 4,838 and the target has been lifted to 10,000.

Here’s one group where I never expected to hear about vax conflict.

The state’s police union has said it won’t accept its members being discriminated against and questioned whether the force has the legal right to demand officers produce medical certificates to prove exemptions.

Mr Dawson last week said virtually all frontline officers were vaccinated but almost a third of other employees hadn’t been jabbed.

Of all the tactics employed by the McGowan government during the covid lockdowns, the low point in my experience was the mask police. I commute by bus to the city, and each morning during a lockdown this year the bus made a stop just at the fringe of the CBD so that two police officers could board and check everyone’s mask was in place.

I haven’t seen this during subsequent lockdowns. It didn’t occur to me that the cops might have found it as distasteful as I did.

The medical profession seems to have been under more pressure here than in other countries. And let’s face it, if these vaccines were a raging success with no serious after effects, the politicians would be grabbing every photo op they could. Imagine Scotty From Marketing/Manny/BoJo/Foggy Groper posing with the white coats and white caps. We got the shot, and so should you! On the contrary, it’s been a case of I’ve seen enough that I can’t remain silent any more.

The Covid Medical Network is a group of Australian doctors who have resisted the pressure to be silent. In their open letter they highlight problems caused not by covid but by the reactions of governments and bureaucracies.

We have had multiple on-again/off-again lockdowns, mask “mandates”, the coercion and mandating of novel and unproven vaccine technology, invasions to privacy in the forms of QR check-in codes and severe economic stress. In the reckless pursuit of the mirage of an unattainable ‘Covid Zero’ state, 400 AUSTRALIANS die every day from all causes. These Australians are dying within a grossly disrupted heath care system and while their loved ones are inhumanely denied the opportunity to properly mourn them.

There’s more intelligence in this document than than will be found in all the verbiage that has been spilled from politicians’ pie holes and the MSM. And I haven’t run out of material yet, so stay around for Covid update part 2.


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