Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 8, 2021

Covid update from Lockdownunder supplemental.

Our so-called leaders love their daily fix of media spotlight. Testing continues apace so that these overpaid underbrained public servants can put on their This Is Serious face and deliver Big Scary Numbers. Lots of tests produce lots of cases, and nobody in the divine ranks above seems to be aware that the CDC has declared the PCR test unreliable.

Or maybe they think we’re not aware. Maybe they think we’re unable to use the internet. They certainly seem to be breathing a different oxygen to the rest of us.

Returning to local issues – the West Australian government has just pulled AUD4billion out of its backside to prop up the health services. Nothing to do with the resistance from medical staff, already under pressure, to roll up their sleeves. No. Absolutely not.
A significant number of aged care workers have said they would rather quit than get the jab. Must be a hell of a lot of discontent in the ranks if Premier Mask McClown has to wave a 4bill bribe.

Scott Morrison’s performance as Prime Minister can only be compared to Stephen Hawking on the team of the Harlem Globetrotters. Without his wheelchair.

Finally, I recommend to all readers, Australian or not, the latest episode of The People’s Project. Matt, Emily and Josh discuss the rising tide of anger over the covid insanity and the part that each of us must play in defeating it. Josh makes a strong point that this isn’t going to roll out like a movie, with a sudden genius move that leaves the enemy stranded and defenceless.

Think June 6 1944.

Roll up your sleeve. Get over it is the 2021 version of Trump lost. Get over it. Both narratives are looking increasingly shaky. We can all do our bit to nudge them closer to the cliff edge.

NB: right at the start of the ep, the panel discuss the move to make public the papers of the National Cabinet. Could be a few embarrassments waiting for the pols in there.

You’ll find a link to the Discernable platform, home to The People’s Project, in the new link category Antipodean Antidotes to Covid Fearporn Inc.

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