Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 1, 2021

YouTube ‘loses’ Sky News Australia.

Rebel News:

YouTube has reportedly banned Sky News in Australia from posting to their 1.85M followers for allegedly breaching the platforms Covid misinformation policy.

Sky News Australia, which usually publishes dozens of videos a day, hasn’t posted a video for more than two days to the platform. The news channel continues to post as usual to their Facebook page.

The suspension follows the Daily Telegraph cancelling Sky News presenter Alan Jones’ column.

Alan Jones has been an outspoken critic of the government’s Covid mandates since the pandemic began.

And that right there is why Australian viewers won’t shed too many years over the suspension.

Alan Jones, until very recently, had strong company in his criticisms. Sky was the one mainstream voice that we could rely on to challenge the government line.

Lately, though, it seems all the presenters except Jones have drunk the Canberra Covid kool-aid. While their coverage of Washington has remained solid and unforgiving, they’ve started talking like government mouthpieces on the local scene. Pushing the line that it’s the vaccine or perpetual lockdowns.

Commenters on youtube have given them a belting.

If Youtube have made Alan Jones the problem, then presumably the problem would disappear if Jones disappeared. Typical genius move by management!

Stay tuned.


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