Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 25, 2021

Somehow – and the competition has been strong – this takes first prize for Stupidest Thing I’ve Seen On The Internet All Week.

And no, it’s not a fake. Unlike this – for which, a touch of NSFW caution is advised.


  1. The Guardian, I imagine. Maybe there was a deeply nuanced level of humour buried within. Maybe not.

    • Well spotted, it was the Guardian. And if the Guardian was ever humourous it could only have been an accident.

  2. The Grauniad has published some of the funniest articles on the Internet.
    They’re the despair of the Babylon Bee.
    Their obit of Vaclav Havel was one for the ages.
    He bit the hand that fed him, the USSR, then he destroyed the economy built so lovingly by the benevolent USSR, unemployment and poverty were high for years! They still hadn’t reached the affluence of Sweden or Germany!
    Gorbachev got a shout out as I recall.
    It was infuriatingly high-larious.

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