Posted by: Gregoryno6 | July 21, 2021

A number big enough to change governments.

(Note: this has been reposted for reasons I’ll reveal later. I have also updated the number of signatories to the petition, which has dropped by two – G6)

There’s a whole lotta Novid going on in The Great South Land.

Sky News Australia continues to deliver excellent coverage of our ongoing covid circus. They are as incisive and unsparing with local politicians and ‘experts’ as they are with the Biden White House.

And I think I’m falling in love with Rita Panahi.

While Frenchpersons battled the flics in the streets, truckers in New South Wales took their rigs on a honking great tour of Sydney.

The soundtrack of the post-covid world? I prefer it to We’re all in this together and associated shit phrases, including Extremely infectious; It’s been tough, but together we will defeat this; and of course Masks. A word which will live in infamy.

(Side note. I posted a comment on that truck clip at youtube’ It’s no longer visible. And the number of likes has been diddled too, I’m fairly sure.)

From the way our betters talk they seem to think that covid is kind of a deadly spot on the kitchen floor. It’s something that can be cleaned away – if everyone follows the required discipline. Zero Covid, yay! Australia has been recognised for its leadership in this field. It’s not intended to be a compliment:

Australia has pursued so many lockdowns that it’s pretty much impossible to keep track of what number we’re currently at. Zero COVID has been an unmitigated disaster, as Canberra’s elimination strategy has unsurprisingly failed to permanently move cases to zero.

(H/t to Catallaxy Files for the link.)

All we need now is the Prime Minister or a Premier to stand up and say We got it wrong. We’ve screwed up terribly. Normally, I’d say that’s about as likely as me being washed up on the beach of a tropical island inhabited only by Gina Elise clones.

But there’s another factor in the mix. And though the government and MSM will ignore it, it won’t go away.

It’s a matter of numbers. The numbers that can change an election result.

Bill Lang, Director at Small Business Australia, told The People’s Project that Disastrous Dan Andrews and his Labor government could be removed from office if just forty thousand people across Victoria changed their vote.

The even more appalling Kevin Rudd led Labor to power in Canberra in 2007. It was called a ‘Ruddslide’; in truth, Rudd would not have claimed the Treasury benches if a mere twelve thousand voters had changed their vote.

Petition EN2753 to the Federal Parliament, calling for no mandatory Covid-19 vaccination, was signed by three hundred and nine thousand, eight hundred and twenty nine Australians.

The text of the petition is loose, imprecise, and lacks detail. It may not be presented to Parliament. But more than three hundred thousand people of voting age expressed their support for a very simple idea: no mandatory vaccinations.

That is a community that no politician in this country should ignore.


  1. We got it wrong…….music to my ears, that would be…..but probably political suicide

    • The media would be outraged, that’s for sure.
      It might help the PM win the election next year. As for the Premiers, I can see them suddenly declaring Tha Covid Is Beat!!! about a year ahead of their next elections, thereby giving us all ample time to reflect and decide hey, they’re not so bad after all… There’s a percentage of the voters who will eat that particular turd pie. Not enough, I hope, to reward the bastards with a win at the polls.

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