Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 20, 2021

More news sources with the Antipodean perspective.

Sky News Australia is top of the pops in the UK and USA. Whatfinger regularly features segments, often with a few words like ‘Love them Aussies for saying what American news services won’t.’

For news that’s more focused on local issues, I recommend The Other Side with Damian Coory and The People’s Project, both part of the Discernable platform.

Damian Coory was an ABC broadcaster once upon a time, but let’s not hold that against him. The ABC was a different organisation even as recently as twenty years ago. In his latest podcast Damian delivers one of the most concise and informative pieces I’ve seen on the covid circus.

The People’s Project is a weekly discussion hosted by Matt Wong. The show is based in Melbourne, the place where Dan Andrews has been playing Hold My Beer with Gavin Newsom for the last eighteen months, and the conversation centres on the insanities that have become daily life for folks there.

The latest episode features Bill Lang from Small Business Australia. Beyond his criticisms of government action during coronavirus, Lang outlines the positive actions that SBA are engaging in to motivate small business into taking political action. At 35:18 he makes a point that ought to wake up both the politicians and the voters. Officially, ie according to the MSM, the Andrews government is solid and secure. Lang disagrees:

There’s about twenty seats, and if forty thousand people in those twenty seats change their vote… the government changes.

Very promising.


  1. Very cool, objective and necessary commentary.

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