Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 20, 2021

Further rumblings of unhappiness in Perth.

Just three months ago the Labor government was returned to power with overpowering majorities in both houses.

Today, I put my ear to the ground and I swear I can hear the glitter being scraped off #StateDaddy Mark McGowan.

Further to the report about G2G app data being misappropriated by WA Police, another embarrassing revelation for the government:

Western Australia’s most senior health official, who regularly meets with the Premier and Health Minister, knew before Labor’s landslide state election that check-in data for more than 2400 people from a COVID-19 contact tracing phone app had been accessed by police.

Guaranteed boost to the trustworthiness rating there.

From the start of the check-in business I’ve chosen to sign in rather than use the app. First time I was asked to comply, I told the young lady on the other side of the counter ‘I trust you to throw this piece of paper away more than I trust the government to destroy my data.’ Given that she was young, I was surprised that she agreed with me and didn’t deliver a shaming scold.

The bad news for the government doesn’t end with the cops. Mask McClown’s efforts to get everyone into the queue for the jab were hampered by word of resistance in the ranks.

The Australian Nursing Federation has polled 4000 members who work in aged care in WA on the topic. Almost two thirds of respondents said vaccinations should remain voluntary and 31 per cent said they would leave the industry if forced to get a jab.

All we need now is China to change its mind about paying top dollars for WA iron ore. If that happens, McGowan and Labor might wish they’d lost the election instead.

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