Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 20, 2021

And I thought Miss Havisham had trouble letting go.

Gay – and I mean FABULOUSLY gay – black actor Billy Porter

is still unhappy that black but straight actor Jeremy Wright

played the part of a gay man in a Broadway play.

In 1993.

Nineteen. Ninety. Fucking. Three.

Right now, though, the future’s looking very bright for Billy.

Porter will next be seen in Amazon Prime Video’s Cinderella in which he will play the fairy godparent.

At which point Jeffrey Wright should accuse Billy of buckling to stereotypes.

Well, at least he’s not on the team for Victoria’s Secret.


  1. I’m really having trouble coming to grips with a culture defined by neurosis, narcissism and exhibitionism. The inmates have taken over the asylum and are taking their act on the road.

  2. “Nineteen. Ninety. Fucking. Three.” almost took my life. HAHAHAHA!

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