Posted by: Gregoryno6 | June 8, 2021

The tide continues to rise.

Victoria: ‘fleeting transmission’ gets up and, well, flees.

And from the offices of No Shit, Sherlock Incorporated:

Driss Ait Ouakrim, Ameera Katar and Tony Blakely from the University of Melbourne have questioned whether the current hotel-based quarantine system is as “fit for purpose” as federal government officials say it is.

They have argued that it is not, in fact, “serving Australia very well”.

And from the international desk: Martin Kulldorff is unusually brave for a Harvard person.

Opposition to lockdowns had been deemed unscientific. When scientists spoke out against lockdowns, they were ignored, considered a fringe voice, or accused of not having proper credentials. We thought it would be hard to ignore something authored by three senior infectious-disease epidemiologists from what were three respectable universities. We were right. All hell broke loose. That was good.



  1. “Fleeting transmission”? Huh. Sounds like a problem I had with my Plymouth Superbird back in the early ’70s. Gear kept slipping into second.

    Say, what kind of hotels do they quarantine people in over there, anyway?

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