Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 4, 2021

Update on Basecamp: it’s so much easier when the trash takes itself out.

Following on from the recent post about Basecamp, the software company that said no to office wokeism – a third of the company’s staff have said adios.

The trigger was one of those internal jokes that many companies enjoy but keep strictly in-house.

 …Woke tensions boiled over after, in December, a new hire “volunteered to help the company work on diversity issues.”

This included criticizing the fact that for years, many employees had contributed to a list called “Best Names Ever” in which they placed funny customer names — of “the sorts of names Bart Simpson used to use when prank calling Moe the Bartender: Amanda Hugginkiss, Seymour Butz, Mike Rotch.”

Time for a self-outing: in previous jobs I kept myself amused by making up nicknames for customers. Usually the nic was a play on their actual name, eg, Drilling and Grouting became Drilling and Spilling. I won’t say that there wasn’t sometimes a touch of payback in the process. After my first encounter with a new office admin at a long-term client, I straight away started referring to her as Vera Dumbshit. This shocked my boss and other staff members, and they let their disapproval be known. But within a month, after each of them had had a couple of up close and personals with Vera, they were freely using the nickname too.

But I digress. The best part of the story is in spite of losing that large chunk of its workforce, Basecamp has stuck to its guns. No craven apologies, no retreats. Why would they? For every pesky woker they lost, there’s going to be five equally good applicants mad keen to work in a firm that kicks PC BS to the curb.

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