Posted by: Gregoryno6 | May 2, 2021

The tide of resistance rises slowly, but rise it does.

Coke realises that things don’t go better with Woke.

Back in February the company elbowed its way to the high moral ground insisting that its staff Be Less White.

This was the work of a newly hired legal nabob who has now been very expensively moved into a side role. How very expensively? He keeps his $4 million sign-on payment and will cop a monthly consulting fee of $666,666 – which means he also half-steals the joke that I’ve been saving since Monday. Bastard.

Moving from the foreground of public awareness to the background… ever heard of Basecamp? Me neither, until this week when the software firm’s bosses laid out some ground rules for the workplace:

Basecamp should be a place where employees can come to work with colleagues of all backgrounds and political convictions without having to deal with heavy political or societal debates unconnected to that work.

You shouldn’t have to wonder if staying out of it means you’re complicit, or stepping into it means you’re a target. That is difficult enough outside of work, but almost impossible at work.

By trying to have the debates around such incredibly sensitive societal politics inside the company, we’re setting ourselves up for strife, with little chance of actually changing anyone’s mind.

We also like to tell ourselves that having these discussions with the whole company is “healthy”. I used to think that too, but I no longer do. I think it’s become ever more stressful, unnerving, and counterproductive. …

Next, Basecamp, as a company, is no longer going to weigh-in publicly on societal political affairs, outside those that directly connect to the business.

You can hear the Coke executives moaning Why didn’t WE think of that?

The list of changes at Basecampt goes on to cover other issues, including one very dear to my heart:

3. No more committees.

My kind of employer.

But the PushBack Of The Week Award goes to everyone in this video who isn’t wearing the P-word on their back.


  1. Basecamp sounds like an awesome place to work. There will be more like them, wait and see.

    Btw, I like Royal Crown Cola, myself. Less syrupy than Coke, not as excessively sweet as Pepsi. And, as anyone in the southern U.S. can tell you, it is the beverage of choice when eating a Moon Pie.

  2. And here’s my bona fides.

  3. Interesting writing

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