Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 28, 2021

#StateDaddy gets a spanking.

Perth’s three day lockdown snuffed more than just the ANZAC Day services. Restaurant and Catering Australia CEO Wes Lambert estimates that $7 million dollars worth of edibles would be either donated or thrown away.

It’s not like you can just say, ‘OK let’s turn the key on the door and save that inventory till Tuesday when we can reopen.’

Mr Lambert is asking the state government to cough up some compensation for the businesses that can’t open and shut in the same easy manner as the Premier issues decrees.

Masks are still mandatory if you go outside until 12:01 next Saturday morning. You have to wonder why.

Two locally acquired infections have been found from more than 37,000 tests after the virus leaked out of Perth’s Mercure quarantine hotel. Apart from that, donuts. But if the Premier can be believed, we’re just one unruly anti-masker away from turning Western Australia in 2021 into Europe circa 1346.

Surprisingly, Premier McClown (now that IS spreading around the state) is getting some heat from the mainstream ie lefty media in this town. The above links go to stories at the ABC and Perth Now. Both reports soft-pedal their criticisms but it’s a wonder that they are critical at all.

Heather McNeill at WA Today:.

Perth’s first snap lockdown in January ordered two million people to stay at home for five days after a hotel security guard tested positive for the virus.

That decision was made despite the source of the infection being known and the man’s housemates returning negative results during rapid two-hour tests that same day.

Hundreds of the 26-year-old’s close and casual contacts were ordered to complete 14 days of isolation to ensure they were not incubating the virus.

Not a single other community case was detected.

That lockdown cost the hospitality industry an estimated $500 million, state coffers $120 million, and a $43 million small business stimulus package was provided by the state government afterward to try to ease the blow.

This lockdown crap gets expensive real quick.

The election is still close in the rear view mirror, and maybe the local media feel secure throwing a few brickbats right now. Most likely they will return to their normal position, ie well and truly up the Premier’s backside, as the next vote looms up on the horizon.

But McGowan’s actions have caught the attention of national and even international observers, and they won’t be so pliant. Mark Steyn, no less, devoted a few minutes of his show to give #StateDaddy a few whacks. (Thanks for the link to Bucky, fellow commenter at Paco’s blog).

And then there’s the unforgiving Rita Panahi. Her sledging almost makes the hassle of lockdown completely worthwhile.



  1. Yessir, she really whomped that fellow upside the head, but good!

    • Unfortunately MaskMcGowan got the last laugh. Another week of restrictions, slightly eased. Coincidentally, there’s a big local football game on Sunday…
      Am I going nuts here, or is there a pattern emerging? First lockdown ended just in time for Valentines Day. This lockdown canceled ANZAC Day services in the city but the rules are relaxed – again, just in time – for the game between the Eagles and The Dockers.
      And the government was advised of the problem that triggered this second lockdown nearly two weeks earlier.
      Seems to me that people in Perth are getting played like a violin.

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