Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 11, 2021

Outstanding ladies of the month.

First, of course, is Pin Up In Chief Gina Elise, who made the turn into the home stretch for 40 a few days ago.

Why is Perth in April like Gina at 39? They’re both still hot!*

A bit of twirl, a bit of tease – hell, if I got the chance to chase Gina through a fine old Californian mansion I’d think it was MY birthday.

Not too long now before Gina will start preparing the 2022 calendar. Meanwhile, the covers of all the previous calendars are now available as – fridge magnets!

(*Embarrassing admission: as I prepare this post, it’s not hot at all in Perth – it’s cold and the rain is bucketing down. Some jokes have a use-by date, and that one should have been used by last Friday.)

Also celebrating her birthday – with a much bigger cake, to accommodate 100 candles – is Phyllis ‘Pippa’ Latour Doyle, the spy who stayed undercover until well after the war’s end.

These excerpts are taken a lengthy article about Pippa’s service and her training for the SOE (Special Operations Executive).

Pippa had six bicycles hidden throughout the countryside that she used to get to and from transmission locations. Her primary role as radio operator in enemy occupied territory in communications and signals requirements meant that Pippa had to be able to memorise codes and she was able to tap out on Morse code at 24 words a minute…

Pippa would bicycle around the countryside and use the hidden radio sets to send reports back to London using the bicycles to recharge radio batteries. She would use the cover of selling soap, including to German soldiers. She knew how to blend in enemy occupied territory where Gestapo and SS were everywhere. She would converse with German troops portraying herself as an over talkative, innocent non-threat.

Pippa was awarded the French Legion of Honour in 2014. To be fair to the French, they weren’t tardy in presenting Pippa with her medal; she wanted to put the war behind her. She didn’t even tell her children until twenty years ago. Like I said, she stayed undercover.


  1. You asked for rain?

    • In a moment of despair I said ‘God, please send Biden a brain!’ I guess it got scrambled in transmission.

  2. Seriously, some folks got hit pretty bad by the cyclone and thoughts and prayers to all.

    But we line in a land of extremes don’t we? Either too little rain or too much.

  3. Gina Elise! Va va va and VOOM!

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