Posted by: Gregoryno6 | April 3, 2021

Conversely, this is clearly not an April Fool situation.


  1. My Live Motto has long been: People. Are. Dumb. D-U-M-B. Dumb.

    • I spent many years in retail customer service and I came to the conclusion that it’s the most dispiriting of all work. In an enclosed workplace you can kid yourself that somewhere out there is a place where no idiots are permitted; where everyone knows their job and does it happily. Retailing, you deal with the general public every day. And you learn to your pain that idiots are everywhere….
      I sold fasteners, you know, nuts bolts screws. Customers would come in asking for a particular specification. My first question would be ‘Do you have a sample?’ and more often than I care to remember the answer was ‘Oh yeah, it’s out in the car… do you want me to bring it in?’

  2. The recollection of all the dumb things I have done tempers, somewhat, my aggravation with the other dumb bunnies in our midst. But only somewhat; I have tried hard not to do or say the same dumb thing more than once. Sometimes it’s easy; I only had to chomp down on a mouthful of unshelled pistachio nuts one time to understand that that’s not how you eat them. Dealing with certain family members, where temper often gets the better of one and triggers self-defeating actions or words, has not always been so easy. In any event, the awareness that one has behaved stupidly is a humbling thing (but, potentially, a valuable learning experience).

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