Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 28, 2021

It’s that feeling I get every year, somewhere near the end of March.

I read something in the news and instinctively I ask myself, are these people jumping the gun for April Fools Day?

Bill Clinton hosting an event celebrating female empowerment. Seriously?  Only if Henry VIII wasn’t answering on the ouija board.

‘Cinderella’ Cancelled because the cast was too white. Suppose that they’d had the clever idea of renaming the show Blonderella. Would that balance everything out? Because frankly, I’ve always thought there was something just a little bit raaaaaaaaacist in Cinder-ella.

And then there’s the UK Twittertwat lockdown lover, who demands

-24 Month #Lockdown (longer if needed)
-Weekend/ Night Curfews
-Permits required for leaving home
-Effective quarantine
-Stay at home laws
-One essential shop trip allowed by law PW
-UK border closed for 5-10 years
-24 hour curfew for winter season.

When people say the government isn’t doing enough, and their idea of ‘enough’ makes North Korea look like an anarchist playground, I recall the comment of Tiberius when the Roman Senate granted him full and absolute power to make law.

How eager they are to be slaves.




  1. Unless Clinton is preparing to make a formal apology to every woman he’s ever hurt or otherwise taken advantage of, followed by committing harakiri, I don’t see how his participation can be seen as anything other than an insult to all women everywhere.

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