Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 14, 2021

Western Australia election result: more of the same.

Labor is returned to power in Western Australia and the Liberals will barely have enough of a presence in the Lower House to hold party status.

None of this is surprising. Late last year some young twit named Zak Kirkup challenged for the party leadership. As soon as the election was within sight he demonstrated his leadership by being the first to surrender.

We’ll have to see what happens in the Upper House. Media aren’t saying much about that right now; here’s hoping that there’s enough opposition there to keep Labor on a fairly short leash.

I certainly don’t expect much serious critcism from the mainstream media when they deliver headlines as pukeworthy as this.


  1. State Daddy?!? Is that supposed to be some kind of watered down Big Brother?

    • I thought of Uncle Joe – the other one, not yours.

  2. Yes Greg, but over here on the east side – New South Wales for Paco & co – they say that Gladys’s Liberals will win in a landslide and Labor would be wiped out – so it’s the same thing in reverse. Voters rally around whoever is the ‘brave leader fighting Covid’ whatever party they represent. As long as they have some media support.

    I’m not impressed with any party or leaders any more so I’m not happy about any of this. It’s just weird. They said the 21st century would be different and it sure is.

    I usually hang around Prof Sinclair’s Catallaxy website where a lot of old Blairites ended up. But it looks like that site has a fatal bug now – comments disappear and no one seems to be fixing it.

    • Bruce, I drop in on the Cat now and then. I do see a lot of familiar names there. It makes a change from PerthNow!
      Since the weekend it appears that Labor will have the majority in both houses. I have an idea that our local parochialism is a factor here. Secession for WA gets an airing about as often as Australia must become a republic and McGowan looked like a strong local leader sticking it to t’othersiders. Of course, given the utterly useless Liberal leader, that wasn’t especially difficult.
      I take heart from the Queensland election result that put Campbell Newman in as Premier. It was Labor then who were reduced to phonebooth numbers, but they came back hard and strong at the next election. Four years is long enough for Labor to make enough mess that they’re voted out.
      Provided we have someone worth voting in.

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