Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 13, 2021

Defund in haste, repent at leisure (or as the bricks come through your window, as the case may be).

The uber-liberal mayor of Portland is seeking $2 million in emergency funding for more police on the streets to prevent more people from dying in shootings following a dramatic spike in shootings and homicides in the city.

The Portland City Council cut $15 million from the Portland Police Budget and abolished a group of officers called the Gun Violence Reduction Team, last June, but after the city’s 20th homicide this year, Mayor Ted Wheeler decided enough is enough.

Wheeler can’t be that ‘uber-liberal’ if it took only twenty deaths to change his mind.


  1. Maybe he’s a moderate uber-liberal.

    Let’s see. They cut $15 million, and are only looking to restore $2 million. That’s probably just to pay the police to protect his Tesla from getting keyed. I’m sure it’s not to safeguard the property of small business owners (today’s version of the kulaks).

  2. Same thing is happening in Minneapolis. Who could have seen it coming?

    • Absolutely nobody (with a D near their name)!

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