Posted by: Gregoryno6 | March 10, 2021

Canadian doctors speak out.

Speak out about what? Let’s put it this way: Dan Andrews and Gavin Newsom will not be amused.

Youtube has already expressed its displearure, banning the video because it transgressed terms of service.

And it’s apparently not popular with the WordPress machinery either. So just follow the link.



  1. This is all good information Greg, straightforward common sense and scientific backup – I’ve been trying to quietly say something similar for the past 12 months.

    • Give it another year and people will be sidling up to you, Kev, and muttering that they agreed with you all along, but…
      The covid ‘consensus’ is breaking down in America. Florida, South Dakota and Texas are leading the way.

  2. Far too logical and genuinely science-based. WHAT ABOUT OUR FEELINGS? WHAT ABOUT OUR NEED FOR DRAMA?

    Seriously, I learned quite a lot from that video. I imagine those doctors will be lucky to keep their jobs.

    • Medical staff in Australia are being threatened with sacking if they speak out. If these Canadian doctors are shown the door I wouldn’t be surprised.

      • Doctors who dare to think for themselves are being suspended globally. While people who have advocated freedom of speech most of their life are now calling for censorship of these ‘looney conspiracy theorists’. We’ll see how it pans out. Can’t say I’m feeling very confident.

        • A modern parallel to the Salem Witch Trials. Eventually sanity will return, but we’ll see it get worse before we get better.

  3. I like that parallel. I’m going to nick it.

  4. I hope sanity returns before we reach Omega Man status.

    • With Joe in charge, Walking Dead status might be more appropriate.

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