Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 21, 2021

I’m a father! Again!

Meet the latest addition to the family.

Are we scared, Mister Zuckerberg? Well, tell me – do we look scared?



  1. what if everyone has missed the meaning of social data mining, blaming the messenger is dumb, amen, for years we have used data to arrange the life on earth,that had led to our near extinction, including the fires in Aussie?.. paying for content should have been a rule from the start,

    • There was a time when good stuff was free on the internet. Now, my rule is, if it’s free it’s not good and if it’s good it’s not free.

      • even a small charge would cut out the rubbish

  2. I just lifted this wonderful meme and put it up on my blog (with attribution, of course). Your, um, check is in the mail.

  3. Although I should point out that mail service here is quite unreliable. I’ve complained about it on several occasions to the local postmaster (who, I learned recently, has left for a post office in another town. I hope it wasn’t something I said).

    • I’ll struggle along in the meantime, somehow.

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