Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 21, 2021

Evolution of a narrative.

It started with

No evidence the election was rigged


Well, there may have been a small amount of interference, but not enough to sway the result

and it then flipped over to reveal

Yep, it happened. But it was THE GOOD GUYS who did it. So it’s okay!

As demonstrated by the now notorious article in Time magazine. It’s heavy reading, not least because the smug coming off the text is so damn thick you could choke on it.

For the election rigging facts without the self-adoration, you may prefer the reports prepared by Peter Navarro. All three can be found here, most recent at the top.



  1. The most disappointing, and, indeed, maddening political development in my lifetime. The worst part of it all for me is that the crooks in the Deep State are going to get away with their attempted coup following Trump’s election in 2016. Comey, Brennan, et al face no reckoning whatsoever. And, of course, there is the national humiliation of having that fool Biden in the White House.

    I’d better stop before I get so angry that I go and spend another several hundred dollars on…er…more Hummel figurines.

    • 7.62 or .45 Hummels?

  2. The biggest, baddest I can find.

  3. I need to find more people to bake bread for – it’s about the only thing that brings a little comfort…

    • The way it’s rolling over there, kc, you might need to start baking cakes with a file in the middle.

      • Hey! I can do that!

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