Posted by: Gregoryno6 | February 14, 2021

2-0 to Trump.

After a change of heart on calling witnesses, Shampeachment MKII went to the vote and acquitted Donald Trump 57 to 43.

Is this the end of it? Hardly. They’ll find something else.

If the Democrats hanged Trump tomorrow, they’d dig him up the day after and do it all over again.

NB: No surprise that Mitt Romney was among the 7 Republicans who sided with the Democrats. Over at Gab, Bill Mitchell called Romney ‘a bitter little girl’. Can’t argue with that – if Mitt was any more of a little girl, Foggy Groper would be sniffing his hair.


  1. laundry, maybe the message is simple, you can;t put a monetary value on humanity,amen

  2. Imagine if it hadn’t just been Benedict Arnold, but half of George Washington’s staff, a quarter of his army, and his brother-in-law who went over to the British. It kind of strikes me like that. Considering what was in the offing after Trump’s alleged electoral defeat, I think he, and we, had a right to expect these clowns to show a little loyalty, or at least rein in their wild-eyed episodes of spastic TDS. But, no, they want to strut their bogus moral superiority. I’m not sure what audience they think they’re playing to, but I suspect they’re going to find out that it’s much smaller than they figured.

    • They seem to think that they can hold their R support base while gathering D friends. These fuckknuckles never realise that their tactics just leave both sides not trusting them.

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