Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 31, 2021

Perth goes into lockdown.

One case is all it took.

Forgive me if I don’t go full WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!

Just for reference, here’s a statistic from a bulletin issued by the Western Australia Health Department a few days ago.

As of Wednesday 27 January, there have been 897 confirmed cases of COVID-19 notified in Western Australia (WA) and 48 historical cases. 873 people have recovered.
To date a total of 718,421 positive and negative COVID-19 tests have been conducted in WA.

Subtract 873 from 897 and what you’re left with is a very very low mortality rate. Not exactly neck and neck here with the Spanish Flu or the Black Death, are we?

If covid was truly as deadly as the headlines would have us believe, there wouldn’t be anyone left to write the headlines. Let alone read them.

Western Australia successfully managed a multi-phase lockdown last year, but today’s announcement is more of a hit-and-run deal. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to achieve – and I doubt that the lockdown will end next Friday.

I hope I’m proven wrong on that!



  1. So many comments come to mind Greg. The most polite is ‘storm in a teacup’. Hope they lift it in five days, as you say.

    • Kev, I know you’ve mentioned before that you have relatives over here. Have they told you about the shitshow in Victoria? Inexperienced security guards given minimal training and then caught having it on with the people they were supposedly keeping in quarantine?
      To the extent that he isn’t a total knob like Victoria’s DanThaMan Andrews, McGowan has handled the covid situation with intelligence – until now. This abrupt lockdown feels like someone exercising their power more than a response to a genuine health crisis. And I say that as a resident of the ‘danger zone’. The lone case lives somewhere close to me – fortunately, according to the list of hot spots the government issued, he doesn’t do his shopping where I do mine.

  2. My Aussie relative in NSW isn’t one for dissent Greg. I’d be interested in any references you have on that quarantine story. Cornwall in England may be similar to Perth in that it’s lockdown is not justified (are any?) by ‘cases’ or deaths. (In my unqualified opinion)

    • This piece at Michael Smith news covers the debacle pretty well. Note the blacked out signatures on the contract!

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