Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 31, 2021

Kill a pipeline to save a railway?

Among Foggy Groper’s first moves was the signing of an Executive Order halting construction of the Keystone Pipeline. Bad policy plus virtue signalling often ends badly, and in this instance the bad ending has already been glimpsed.

From Charles Faddis at And Magazine:

The AOC’s of the world assume that cancelling the permit to allow the construction of the pipeline means that the oil it would carry will no longer be produced and no longer reach market. That is not at all what it means. The oil will still find its way to refineries, but now instead of being pumped safely and securely in a pipeline, it will be carried by other means.

That means mostly by train, and trains derail. When they derail, especially if they are carrying the particularly volatile Bakken Crude Oil, the consequences can be deadly.

On July 6, 2013 a 73-car freight train carrying Bakken Crude derailed in the remote Canadian town of Lac-Megantic. Multiple tank cars caught fire and exploded in the center of the small community. Forty-two people were killed. More than thirty buildings were destroyed. All but three of the thirty-nine surviving buildings had to be demolished. The blast radius from the explosions was one kilometer.

Follow the link. There’s more, none of it pretty or encouraging.

Bakken Crude comes from oilfields in North Dakota, and would have been carried by Keystone. Not any more. Why not? Moving oil by pipe is generally considered safer, and – because trains have to burn fuel to move fuel – more environmentally friendly than rail. So why did Joe, and Obama before him, give the pipeline the thumbs down?

Wouldn’t be to help a friend who owns a railroad, would it?

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