Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 26, 2021

Australia Day 2021 – post 1.

There are few things more Australian than a big backyard. To get away from the crazy stuff, I thought I’d share a few pictures.

Australia’s suburbs were built upon the quarter-acre block. It’s enough space to have a shed, a few trees and a vegetable patch, which occupied the space behind that wobbly looking fence just behind the mango trees.

This photo dates from somewhere between 2000 and 2003. The open shed at the back contained heaps of useless junk left by previous tenants. Today, the shed in the near left contains heaps of my useless junk.

The scene is somewhat greener now. Photographed today, just after being mown.

The lawn does look healthier in winter, I promise!

Back in my birthday post I mentioned doing some work on the garage roof. It’s more of an annexe to the garage that I repaired. The garage, as you can see here, was built with an open back end. There may have been a door on rollers at one point. At any rate, the idea was obviously to have room for two cars under cover.

You may be able to work out from the photo above that there’s a panel of missing in the roof. This was corrugated plastic, intended to let some light into the kitchen. It started to deteriorate a few years ago and eventually a large chunk of it broke away in a storm.

The corrugated sheets of tin either side of it were working loose too, as was the sheet adjoining the garage. Perth gets plenty of energetic wind coming up off the Antarctic seas, and those tin sheets banged like mad every time we got a storm. Demonstrating a lack of concern for my personal safety that would have got me fined in a paying job, I nailed the sheets down from the garage roof and by poking up through that gap on a ladder.

Taking a close look at the structure I realised just what a makeshift piece of work it is. It’s something that a team of Boy Scouts might have put together for a merit badge. A few steel posts and an assortment of timber beams and tin sheets. All held together with old electrical cable.

And yet it stands. It continues to stand after – well, my guess is forty years minimum.

Put together from whatever could be found or scrounged and still it does the job.

Kind of an allegory for our Federation when you think about it.

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