Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 23, 2021

Resistance on many fronts.

I’ve seen a particular sentiment expressed in a couple of different ways and places. Essentially: the Soviet Union lasted seventy years, but the Russian people didn’t have anything to compare it with.

Disturbingly true. For the average Russian citizen there was as much oppression under the Tsar as under his Bolshevik ousters. Long before the KGB entered the public consciousness, Russians were under the eye of the Okhrana.

This is not the case in America. Many, if not most (yet) are feeling something other than love for the administration of Foggy Groper and – sorry, I haven’t thought of a good nickname yet for his VP.

Resistance has already begun. The actions of the troops lining the route of the presidential motorcade says a hell of a lot.

This behaviour has been interpreted as the troops watching for potential attackers. Uhh, yeah, maybe… in a city that’s been fenced off, I suppose a rabid squirrel might go kamikaze on the Commander In Chief. Also, to my civilian eye, the distribution of the troops seems very uneven. Whichever way they’re facing, shouldn’t they at least form a solid line?

They appear to be just standing as they please – and most of them are pleased to give ol’ FG the cold shoulder.

Can’t blame them, after that ‘stupid bastards’ moment.

Elsewhere, the resistance is expressing itself in much less ambiguous manner.



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