Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 21, 2021

And so it has come to pass.

Foggy Groper occupies the seat of power, flanked by a uterised and colourised deputy and an ambitious spouse.

Regan, Goneril and Lear. What a show it’s going to be.

Consider the opening act…


  1. Depressing beyond words

    • Agreed, Kev.
      I remind myself that thirty years ago I was in a new city with no job and the Gulf War was cranking up. I remind myself that I survived, and prospered to a moderate degree, and the world got through the post-’87 bs. I remind myself of these things but still the future seems doubleplusungood.

  2. We were younger and more resilient then. Maybe today’s youth still feel that?

    • I bloody well hope so.

  3. True !

  4. The responses so far from Sleepy Joe and his minders do not exactly project a sense of confidence in the legitimacy of this regime. Things look bad here in the states, but I think you can’t really snuff out the thirst for freedom as easily as the Democrat/Media complex believes. The oligarchy is already overreaching, and they will have a fine time roping off 75 million people (and counting; there’s already a fair amount of buyer’s remorse evident in the social media among Biden voters – live voters, that is; the dead ones are keeping mum).

    • Count all those ex-Keystone pipeline workers among the disaffected.
      Frankly, Paco, they are moving so fast on so many fronts – it’s as if they know their time is short, and they’re out to fuck everything up as hard as they can while they can.

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