Posted by: Gregoryno6 | January 16, 2021

You can never be so woke that you’re untouchable.

Not even a feminised Time Lord can escape!

Article from Tha Gaaardyun, no less, appears to have been one source for this story.

Now, though, a different group of fans are railing against Doctor Who. Far from being too liberal, many believe this iteration has actually lost the morality that made the character so unique, and become problematic on social issues – engaging with them to an often offensive degree.

I can’t find the exact quote, but Christopher Hitchens once said of one MP or another: People won’t like you when all you want from them is to be liked.


  1. Frankly Greg, we are seeing the dawn of mass insanity. I’m becoming very pissed off that German armies in WW2 films don’t show enough black German soldiers. So frustrating!

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