Posted by: Gregoryno6 | November 15, 2020

Something to see here.

It started out as a gloat:

Orange Man Bad Loser!

And then it became something else. The media, by the grace of – well, I don’t know what; the grace of their own self-importance, maybe – changed the tune.

Joe Biden is the President. Discussion over. Nothing to see here.

I have to ask, what’s the rush?

If the Democrats honestly believe Biden has won, what have they got to lose? Let the process roll through. If Trump has nothing but rhetoric and angry tweets, sit back and wait for December 14. Pass the popcorn and enjoy the biggest faceplant since Hitler invaded Russia.

(Holy crap – did I just compare Trump to Hitler? I hope nobody notices. I mean, that’s the first time ever, right?)

The left should be cheering Donald on, chanting ‘Do it, do it!’ Instead they’re chastising the rest of us. ‘Zip it! Zip it!’

Their insistence on ‘nothing to see here’ tells you that there is indeed something to see here.

I was reminded last week of another media campaign, the one waged against Tony Abbott in the months prior to the Australian federal election of 2017. I’ve written about that time previously here; the stories began to follow a predictable cycle. Shock horror headline, additional information, headlines erased. Tuesday or Wednesday just gone, the PerthNow site had a linked title HUGE Setback for Donald Trump. That right there made me skeptical; the HUGE. And I was not surprised when the story was gone within 24 hours.

You may have seen the story yourself: it concerned the US postal worker who (PerthNow and its pals proclaimed) had recanted his sworn testimony about witnessing interference in the polling process. I was curious to know more. If it was true, it was a setback for Trump – not least because the postal worker was in deep legal doo-doo if he was changing his story. What had inspired him to submit testimony in the first place? Had he succumbed to pressure from zealous Trumpians?

I found answers in this story at American Thinker.

There was pressure involved. But not from Trump’s people.

Here’s the link to that story again.



  1. There might well be something to see here Greg. And maybe not. I don’t have a clue. But I could see clearly that the media bias in the whole campaign, from start to finish, was and remains viciously anti-Trump. If there has been foul play, it’s the story of the century so far. But those swamp roots go deep, and are not easily pulled up.
    It’s a wait- and-see job.

    • All the local press was in on the Trump hate here, Kev. PertNow website, as already cited, and our lone hard-copy daily, The Worst – sorry, The West Australian, which featured front page headlines like DONNY SPIT and ANOTHER 71 DAYS OF THIS MADNESS UNTIL HE’S GONE.
      Strangely, though, they’re less interested in the US election since the scale of the fraud started to become evident. We’re back to stories about celebrities doing reality tv and football players getting traded.

  2. As deep and murky and tangled as I always knew the Swamp to be, it proved to be even more impenetrable and resistant to eradication than I had suspected, and its reach was greater than anything I had imagined (the insolence and perfidy of so much of the military brass, for example). Some mornings, I feel as if I’ve just woken up in a tub of chemicals with a battery pack attached to my back, a la The Matrix; it’s as if the machinery of our democracy has proved to be completely illusory.

    • There is a part of me that hopes that hopes the rot is not as extensive as it currently appears. Fraud on this scale is sickening.

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