Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 26, 2020

Raised By Wolves, Filled With Bowlsheet.

Opening scene episode 1: two androids land on an uninhabited planet, carrying with them a dozen human embryos with which they will start a new, pure, atheistic civilisation.

Closing scene, episode 10: a giant vampire snake flies off into the forest.

I could explain the steps between these two points but not without hurting my brain. And yours too.

Raised By Wolves has a few good moments and even a couple of funny moments – which were almost certainly completely accidental. The best parts, distilled, would make a decent 90 minute movie.

The series is about ten hours long, so you do the math.

Ridley Scott needs to get over the idea that anything with the words ‘Ridley Scott’ and ‘androids’ connected to it will succeed. The last time that worked was nearly forty years ago.

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