Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 24, 2020

Today, in Australia, it’s Grand Final Day.

The top two teams of the Australian Football League face off for the premiership! I’m sure there will be international coverage via the internet, but if (like me) you’re just happy to hear the final score, there’s something else you might do with your Saturday.

I call it The Breitbart Hollywood Drinking Game.

Hell, is he/she still alive? One drink.

I love his/her early stuff. Too bad they turned into such a jerk. Two drinks.

Who? Three drinks.

Depending which article you pick – there’s plenty, the one I linked to is just a sample – you might make the game last as long as twenty minutes.


  1. Those…people…in the Breitbart article. It’s like a sociopaths’ roundtable in a virtual insane asylum. The sheer viciousness, the hatred so deep that they are driven to use “gangsta” invective; I think that anybody these people would support for office has to be perceived as a threat to liberty and to plain decency. Hollywood has always been a big draw for neurotics, and is now clearly their Mecca.

    • They’ve learnt nothing from the debacle of 2016 and their hiariouslly pompous PSAs, except that hilariously pompous PSAs don’t work. The intelligent response would be to sit back and shut up; but since this is Hollywood, they just drop the pompous and stick with hilarious.
      Actors going naked for Joe? Actors dressing up in chicken suits for Joe? I’m sure this has changed a few votes, but I doubt they went from R to D!

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