Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 11, 2020

Praise the music…

Good to know I’m bucking at least one trend as I age: most people stop discovering new music by the time they’re 30. I’m still discovering new bands and performers – although, to clarify, they’re usually new only to moi. The musicians whose CDs I recently purchased have all been around for at least a decade. Or two. Or three.

I discovered Angry Johnny And The Kilbillies through one of the Dark Western compilations on youtube. They caught my attention with this tale of crime gone really badly wrong.

Side note: points to Mr Johnny and his distributor, Kunaki, for using plastic CD cases. Cardboard is the preferred option now for containing the physical product, and some of those cardboard covers are works of art in their own right. (As you’ll see later. Stay tuned.) But I prefer the plastic shell, which should last as long as the disc it protects. The silverfish and other vermin that reside under my roof don’t nibble plastic.

But I digress. It was in another Dark Western compilation that I was introduced to the Heavy Horses.

If you love cheerful songs about cowboys roaming the prairie and dreaming about their best gal, you should add some Heavy Horses to your playlist – just for balance. Get some tragedy into your musical diet with these songs about killers and vagabonds.

I came to the music of Robert Rich by a less direct route. Some years ago our national broadcaster took a brief interest in ambient music, through which I discovered the Kranky label. Somewhere along the way I must have seen Robert in one of those ‘If You Like X, You Might Also Like’ lists. I was already listening to medieval chant such as Spem in Alium. Electronic and ambient struck me as the natural progression of that style.

Robert works in the visual as well as aural media. He creates the cover art for most of his releases, and the booklet in the Tactile Ground package features images that might have come from Dave Bowman’s wild ride through the Star Gate. Scorched landscapes. Glowing blue lakes.

Robert’s music is best enjoyed late at night with the lights out. I’ve often fallen asleep while listening, which is probably okay with the man who pioneered sleep concerts.


  1. Robert Rich is brilliant for working to, reading or chilling. Love it. Very calming. Appreciate that Greg.

    • Indeed, Kev. Check out his discography, you’ll find a lot there that you’ll like.

  2. Congrats on ur new finds 👏👏👏

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