Posted by: Gregoryno6 | October 6, 2020

Disturbing patterns of speech.

Naturally, we begin with Joe Biden. Whose uhhh, flexible relationship with the truth goes back a long way.

There may be other reasons to vote or not vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming election.  But by his 47-year record and by his own words, it has become increasingly evident that Biden is a pathological liar.

That line comes from the end of the articlle. Before you get there, you will encounter Joe’s decades-long record of fibbing, misspeaking, and generally treating fact as if it’s a treat to be saved for special occasions.

Speaking of special occasions… here’s Joe at his most eloquent, from 1:58 to 2:13.

That should be in every Democrat campaign ad.

What else would boost Joe’s chances against Donald Trump? Well, it might show signs of actual brain function if he went full African Grey.

The Lincolnshire Wildlife Park adopted five African grey parrots on August 15 and put them into a room together to isolate.

However, while they were in quarantine, they managed to teach each other a raft of obscenities.

Imagine those old Derek and Clive routines getting the African Grey treatment. I would quite likely die laughing.



  1. Maybe Biden’s minders should find one of those parrots, clean up his language (just a little; Joe’s known for dropping an f—- bomb every now and then) and let Biden wear him under his jacket. We’d probably see a 100% increase in coherence.

    • The case of the lying Senator rouses my curiosity. Is there a link between playing fast and loose with the truth and Alzheirmer’s? Does the ffrst encourage the slide into the second? Or is it an early indicator? The big A seems to have been connected to a lot of things but a casual acquaintance with the facts isn’t one of them. Gotta be a research project in that!

  2. I think those are fascinating questions. In Biden’s case, I believe the mendacity has always been primarily a character issue, but, certainly, mental deterioration might well exacerbate the problem. My father, Old Paco, developed a syndrome of occasional dementia in the last year or so of his life, and, although he said some things that were definitely at odds with reality, I know he firmly believed them; I don’t think he was saying things he knew to be untrue. His wildest story – he occasionally mentioned his certainty that Mexican drug dealers were digging tunnels in his pasture (in rural North Carolina, mind you) – was obviously not true, but it wasn’t a lie in his own mind because he really believed it.

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