Posted by: Gregoryno6 | September 12, 2020

Your weekend challenge!

Look at this photo…

…and try to not imagine some kid saying ‘Mom?’


  1. Good lord! It looks like some wag with a Magic Marker came up to her while she was sleeping on a park bench and just scrawled all over her map.

    • You thought ‘vandalism’? I thought ‘expression of individuality’. Which would quite likely extend to the hypothetical kid’s name.
      ‘Have you forgotten what time we have dinner in this house, Barack Mandela Merkel Poole-Bohannon?’

  2. No doubt you’re right. But if it was an artistic attempt, what does it signify? Perhaps she decided to draw a crude map of the interstate highway system on her face. There’s also something suggestive of a bat.

    With my luck, she’ll wind up being one of the guards in whatever gulag the Democrats toss me into when they finally succeed in establishing their one-party state.

  3. Unless they execute her first, which is highly likely.

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