Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 30, 2020


All found in various places on the internet. Except for one meme by me – a rare meme by request. But more about that later.

Joe Biden. The Foggy Groper. Been in Washington nearly fifty years. Spent eight of those years as Vice President. Kind of begs a question…

It’s no secret that – how can I put it kindly? – Joe’s suffering a deficency in his stock of marbles.

Okay, he didn’t actually say that. But here’s something he did say. Put to music.

Australian cartoonist Johannes Leak copped some flak when he put words into Joe’s mouth. Problem was, they were already Joe’s words.

Another Australian angle on the contest: prominent lefty windbag Peter FitzSimons posed a question. The answer didn’t meet his expectations.

Matt Hayden dances on Pirate Pete’s unhappiness here.

To close, that meme by request. A friend forwarded the image and said ‘What can you do with it?’ He liked the result, and I’m pretty happy with it myself.


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