Posted by: Gregoryno6 | August 23, 2020

So… Tenet.

I’ll say nothing about the movie itself, except that it’s as complex (ie labyrinthine) as Interstellar and Inception, and visually remarkable. What I will say is that on the basis of my session yesterday, cinemas will be doing it tough for some time to come.
The local multiplex bet heavily on Tenet with six or seven sessions across Saturday and the same on Sunday. Did they get the audience they anticipated? At my session, right up to ten minutes before the lights went down, I WAS the audience, complete and entire. Then two other fellows rolled in. I’d guess that they, like me, bought their tickets online when the previews were announced last week. A few more arrived, including a group of those ‘movie lovers’ who apparently buy movie tickets so they can talk in big rooms with the lights down. But I digress. All up the audience would have totalled 20-25. For a house of 300 seats, that can’t be good.


  1. I read up on the movie, and it does sound, as you say, “visually remarkable”. I’m not entirely sure that what’s left of the old gray matter will be sufficient for full comprehension of the (apparently) byzantine plot, though. Maybe we should let Joe Biden watch it first, and get his views.

    • Joe’s review would be more byzantine than the plat!

  2. The movie sounds great. The experience less so!

    • I can understand people quietly asking a question about the movie, but when they’re just mumbling about other stuff – ffs, it wasn’t a bad day outside. Why not sit in the park?

  3. That is maddening. I recollect attending a movie one time when some fellow was loudly munching ice and a couple of people simultaneously whipped their heads around and, in one of those whispered shouts that aggravated viewers do in theaters, said “Will you stop doing that!”

    • I have been close enough a few times to give them a death stare, which they usually didn’t notice… but their companions did.

  4. Only 12 in my theatre experience. How will this theatre to movie industry relationship sustain itself? I’m not sure where you’re from, but here in Colorado, the drive-in theatres are selling out like crazy!

    • I’m over on the other West Coast – Perth. Most of our drive ins are gone, but I imagine they’re doing pretty good business.

      • That’s right! I have cousins in Brisbane. I still need to visit them. Does Perth have film festivals?

        • Perth has the BEST film festival!

          • It looks tremendous! I’m currently doing more research on Perth as I write this… What a beautiful (and big) city! I need to get out more. So many plans just wiped away…

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